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We offer traditional groups in front of your house, custom backgrounds or Virtual Groups™ (when you are short on time and/or space). And Party Pics® for Bid Day are always FREE!

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We are so excited to be a part of your Bid Day. As a company founded by Greek alumni, we know how important Bid Day is to your chapter. Our process is easy, simple, and created to be one less thing you have to worry about.


Once you've booked our professional photographers, the planning ends for you and begins for us!


We'll start the day with group photos of the upperclassmen and end it with a group photo of new members and a chapter photo.

3. FREE Party Pics and/or Candid Photography

Your Bid Day comes with FREE Party Pics photography! We'll take photos throughtout your entire event.


Group photos are available for purchase on Bid Day. Delievery is typlically within 7 business days. Your party pics are usually available to view and purchase online within 24 hours.

greek gifts & photo products

We offer photo related gifts that are perfect for Big Little and Greek Gifts that parents will love gifting.

  • Wall letters

  • Pillow cases

  • Water bottles

  • Notebooks

  • Pop sockets

  • Tins

  • Notecards

  • Frames

Plus, we can provide custom art to match your Bid Day theme!




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