School Product Lines


Oklahoma Party Pics’ vast library of artwork can be used for school or other related activities such as sports and dance. Each of these coordinating product lines includes a portrait and allows for customization by changing captions, logos and (in some cases) colors to match school or team colors. Keep scrolling to view a handful of product examples that are offered in each line.


example of border for student appreciation prints

Appreciation Prints - includes a portrait with customizable text that could be the child’s name, school/team name, and year

example of border for memory plate prints

Memory Mate - features the students portrait and a class portrait

example of border for sports prints

Sports Border - a fun border to frame your portrait that includes student’s name, school/team name and year

example of magazine cover prints

Magazine Covers – just like being on the cover of your favorite magazine

example of ID tag prints

ID Tags – with a themed design these ID Tags include the child’s portrait, name, grade, and address

example of trader card prints

Trader Card – kids feel like the pros having their very own trader cards to share with friends and family

example of sports magnets

Sports Magnets – sticks to any magnet surface like a fridge or tool box  

example of calendar prints

Calendars – count down the days to school break with a personalized calendar

example of button prints prints

Photo Buttons – support your student or student athlete by wearing a photo button on your jacket or bag

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