All Elite, Superstar, & Shaped plaques are printed on Kodak® Endura Metallic paper and flush mounted to the plaque for a great looking finish.

Grad Plaques are a standard 8x10 and come in either flush mounted, or behind an acrylic sheet with brads. These plaques are customized with a school crest, school name, graduation name and date. They are available in both wood and black.

The Prestige Grad Plaque are a standard 8x10 with a 5x7 print behind acrylic, with a printed metal plate that is attached to the plaque itself. Prestige Plaques are customized with a school or generic logo with 3 lines of text. These plaques are available in both wood and black can be horizontal or vertical oriented.

Sports Plaques are shaped plaques for football, megaphone, baseball home plate, soccer ball, and a circle plaque that can be used for 6 different sports. These plaques can feature individual images, individual and team, or team only. Each plaque can be customized with a name, team, or coach's name and year. Sports plaques have sport-specific crests that can be added.

Custom created artwork can be used on some plaques for a more personalized finish.

high school graduation plaque

plaque for running a half marathon

plaque for playing soccer

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