Green Screen


We offer a variety of extraction services to fit any photography need or solution to create custom designs for your social event, school or sports team.

Oklahoma Party Pics offers the most cutting-edge technology for Green Screen and Chroma-key (blue screen) allowing custom backgrounds to be used and merged with a subject. This process is great when you are looking to use a custom design, you don’t have a great place to shoot photos or when the event organizer wants custom products created (like our Virtual Groups) from a series of individual images.

Other extraction services include our NEW Total Knock Out service. This service will cut out your images from a traditional background. TKO is the preferred method when there is concern about green spill, reflections (from sequins on uniforms or instruments) or problems with teams wearing green & blue uniforms (causing the uniforms to be erased from the image). This service also works wonders on full-length images and curly, frizzy and blonde hair! Plus, this service is FAST. Get cutouts within minutes so you can use your images to make sales onsite or send instant links to personal galleries for e-commerce. Use the cut outs in virtual group, level2, premier products and more!

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