Green Screen


Party Pics offers the latest in Green Screen, also referred to as Chroma Key, a cutting-edge technology that cuts out a subject from the original image and  merge’s the subject’s picture with a custom background. Green Screen technology allows your school or group to choose the background image desired.

Some reasons that Green Screen might be a good fit for your event:
  • Offer custom backgrounds for your event

  • Allows for Picture Day to be hosted at any convenient location

  • Give parents and kids more choices with less photography time – multiple photo products can be created using a single image 

  • Customers can select a background and see how it looks on our website (this process is mobile friendly)

  • We offer a vast library of background choices - background variations can include crests, mascots, colors & more

  • Create a group picture using individual images taken on Green Screen (see Virtual Groups & Level2 Products)

Green Screen is just one more reason to use Party Pics for your next Picture Day! Contact us to learn more about the benefits of using Green Screen & Chroma Key photography.

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