Fundraising Programs


Party Pics has a variety of programs intended to help raise funds for schools, booster clubs, leagues and individual teams.

Some examples of how our services can be used:
  • A portion of the proceeds from picture day can be used to further school/league efforts or to create a scholarship program

  • Custom designed spirit products that include mascots, logos, team name, and year can be sold to your entire school or league as a fundraiser (such as window clings and car decals)

  • Buttons, calendars, yard signs, spirit sticks and team posters can be sold to support booster club efforts

  • The use of certain Party Pics yearbook partners can also generate funds for your school or organization

Party Pics has a variety of fundraising and support programs customized to meet the individual needs of your school or organization.

Party Pics affiliate, Young Masters, has an art-based fundraising program that can be easily utilized to raise funds for your school’s general fund or arts programs. The idea is to take a child's original artwork and create forever keepsakes. These keepsakes make for great gifts for the child's family. Visit Young Masters to learn about their fundraising program.

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