Facial Recognition

 This breakthrough techonology allows participants to see all of their images in a personalized gallery instead of having to sort through all of the pictures taken at the event.

Party Pics has industry-leading Facial Recognition technology called Face Finder available for events with a large amount of participants (perfect for graduations where friends and family will want pictures with their graduate) . This technology helps to get customers to their images faster and creates a gallery of their own images. Event organizers are finding more and more needs for this new technology to give their attendees a better, online, photo-viewing experience.

No need to hunt….or scroll through hundreds or thousands of images. Our online image gallery will collect all images of an individual, even images from multiple events where Party Pics has been the principle photographer, into one gallery for viewing. The process is simple. Once you find an image of yourself, select the image by clicking on it. The selected image will display in the right side panel. Click the facial recognition box and a gallery is created of the person you selected. Repeat the process to find other members of your group.

Ask if Face Finder is right for your event and for examples on how it may be used.

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