The Party Pics® candid event photography service was born in Norman, Oklahoma in the late 1960s. 

It has its' roots photographing events on college campuses such as Greek Oranization parties. The service and brand name soon spread to college and high school campuses across the country and today includes a wide variety of photography services. 

We are still very present at fraternity and sorority parties, but our business has expanded to include school portraits, sports portraits, graduation ceremonies, races, dance schools, group photos, tailgating and fan photos, corporate events and so much more!

Party Pics® is able to offer coverage for large events, where hundreds to thousands of people attend, utilizing proprietary technology that enables people to quickly locate their pictures. Our Face Finder Facial Recognition technology assists customers in finding all images of them taken at an event. A personalized image gallery is then created for each customer through an online portal

Oklahoma Party Pics® and our broader division called Candid Color Photography (CCP) boasts one of the largest product lines in the industry. With our corporately-owned production facility based in Oklahoma City, we are able to ensure all products maintain the highest quality that customers expect at reasonable prices with fast turn-around. Being in the photo industry for over 5 decades we understand the importance of each photograph to parents, family and friends, and guarantee the quality of our images and products.

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